Rémi de Juvigny
March 3, 2021
20:30 – 21:00

Breakout: A Guide to Content-Driven Website Development

In this interactive session, watch Remi build a site that's structured for the marketer.
Rémi de Juvigny
Rémi de Juvigny
Software Engineer, Strapi

Developers love Gatsby. But for content editors, the relationship is a little more complicated. Using Gatsby means their work has to happen in a headless CMS. It works, but most of the time, Jamstack sites are set up so that all marketers can do is fill a pre-defined page template. Breaking out of these structures requires a new development cycle. What would content editors actually prefer? For many marketers, the ideal solution is a no-code site builder. It gives them full control over their content, and they're free to experiment with their pages' structure and layout and design, without needing help from technical colleagues. However, no-code tools have their own drawbacks. The sites they create are often slow, poorly optimized for mobile, and inaccessible. And the full control they give editors has its flaws. But there could be a middle ground- a way to get the performance and security from the Jamstack with the creative freedom of no-code tools. And it doesn't involve any new tool: you only need a static site generator like Gatsby, and a headless CMS like Strapi. Let me show you how I'll create a page in Strapi using pre-built sections, and quickly make changes to the page's structure and design. All with a Gatsby frontend.

Rémi is a JavaScript developer from France. He's passionate about the open web, and tries to make it better using tools like Strapi, GraphQL and React.



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