Ondrej Polesny
March 3, 2021
20:30 – 21:00

Breakout: Storing and Serving Images on a Gatsby Site

Is it better to store images locally or to serve them directly from CDN? Join Ondrej to discuss!
Ondrej Polesny
Ondrej Polesny
Developer Evangelist, Kentico Kontent

Ondrej Polesny will lead this quick-hit breakout session to discuss all things image-related in live Q&A. He'll also touch on pre-loading images and image optimization best practices.

About Your Instructor:

Ondrej is a Jamstack developer, freeCodeCamp author, Kentico Kontent developer evangelist, YouTube maker, streamer, bus driver, and German shepherd lover based out of the Czech Republic. On March 2nd, you can also find him giving the GatsbyConf talk, "How to Make Content Editors Love Gatsby".



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