Tamas Piros
March 3, 2021
17:15 – 20:00

Creating an E-commerce Site Using Gatsby

Develop and deploy a production ready e-commerce app with Gatsby, Cloudinary and Snipcart.
Tamas Piros
Tamas Piros
Developer Experience Engineer, Cloudinary

Walk through creating a headless ecommerce website using Gatsby and services like Cloudinary and Snipcart. Gatsby's powerful GraphQL data layer makes it possible to have as many different data sources as you want or need -- and you can mix and match! We'll cover creating dynamic pages and static site generation with Gatsby, integrating services, and wiring everything together properly with webhooks and APIs. Customers expect their ecommerce interactions to be streamlined and fast, even on mobile -- see how to deliver a delightful experience with Gatsby

About Your Instructor:

Tamas is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a seasoned Developer Evangelist. He is a passionate advocate for modern web technologies, helping people understand and unlock the latest & greatest features of web development.


Basics web development knowledge (HTML, CSS, JS)

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