Megan Sullivan
March 3, 2021
17:15 – 21:00

Getting Started with Gatsby

In this beginner level workshop from the Gatsby team, learn how to build your own blog site from scratch! Sponsored by Contentstack
Megan Sullivan
Megan Sullivan
Senior Software Engineer, Documentation, Gatsby
Obinna Ekwuno
Obinna Ekwuno
Software Engineer, Gatsby

Interested in learning Gatsby but not sure where to start? Want to see the latest and greatest Gatsby features used in practice? Join Obinna Ekwuno and Megan Sullivan in this Intro to Gatsby workshop as they guide you in building your own blog site from scratch!

Learn the core concepts behind using Gatsby, like querying data with GraphQL, and working with a headless CMS like Contentful or Wordpress. You’ll learn how to optimize for accessibility, routing and creating pages programmatically. Best of all you will learn how to leverage the vast Gatsby ecosystem of starters, plugins, and themes to quickly create a fast, secure, scalable website -- and then how to deploy your site to live hosting for free, in minutes. This workshop is sponsored by Contentstack.

Your Instructors:

Megan is a Senior Software Engineer focusing on Documentation at Gatsby. Equal parts developer and educator, she's passionate about helping people use technology for good. When she's not at her keyboard, she likes gardening, video games, and hanging out with her dog.

Obinna was a poet in another life... until he fell in love with JavaScript. Now, he writes code and is a Software Engineer at Gatsby. He’s a public speaker, a technical writer, a full-time nerd, and passionate about the African tech ecosystem.


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